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Taisho - Ida Holm - Sunday Morning 70/100cm unframed

Taisho - Ida Holm - Sunday Morning 70/100cm unframed

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Sunday Morning breakfast table from Taisho This is exactly how the perfect Sunday breakfast table should look if it is for Ida Holm, and this is exactly how she painted it with acrylic on canvas.
The poster is a photograph of the acrylic painting, printed on 210 g. Matt Hahnemühle paper on a 12-color plotter, which gives the colors optimal depth and intensity.
This poster can be hung both vertically and horizontally, depending on what fits best on your picture. 

About Taisho 

Who are we
We are Ida and Mads and you may know us from the yellow house in the Danish TV2 program “Nybyggerne”. Ida is an educated graphic designer from The Danish school of media and journalism, and Mads has a bachelor´s degree in International Business, Asian Language and Culture (Japanese) from Copenhagen Business School.
Together we have started the company taishō (対照) –A webshop that sells wallart in the highest quality of print, colors and paper.
Taishō (pronounced [tai-sjo]) is a Japanese word for “contrast”. Our company began with the fascination of similarities and contrasts between the Japanese and Scandinavian. In our first work together “Hungry Geisha” we focused on the contrasts which gave us the inspiration for our company name. In general we are inspired by contrasts, no matter if it is a contrast in culture, shape, color or others.
Focus on the colours
Colours mean a lot and sometimes all you need is one colour to create balance in a room. Due to Idas background in graphic design we have had the opportunity to create a poster in the specific color we needed in our own home – And we want to give our customers the same opportunities. We want to give you the opportunities to buy our posters in the exact color for your home without compromising the motif.

We strive to give you the best quality of material and color every time. All prints are designed by Ida and printed in collaboration with our professional supplier. The colors are thoroughly tested and printed on a 12-color plotter printer, and the paper is 120g matt quality paper.

A 12-color plotter printer gives far more depth in colors and the opportunity for more intense colors. A lot of companies offer posters printed on 8- or 10-color plotter printers which limit the color opportunities. At Taishō we won’t accept the limitation in quality and we prioritize to invest in the highest color quality possible.






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