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Puzzle - Juliette Hogan Tapestry Floral

Puzzle - Juliette Hogan Tapestry Floral

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Juliette Hogan, the visionary fashion designer, crafts apparel for the contemporary woman, infusing it with a harmonious blend of sophistication and effortlessness. She is acclaimed for her distinctive and evocative prints, which serve as the cornerstone of each seasonal collection. Juliette's wellspring of inspiration flows from her explorations of new horizons and her communion with the natural world. It is during these moments that she feels most empowered, serene, and liberated. Her JH prints are a profound expression of this innate connection, capturing the very essence of the surrounding beauty.

Introducing "Tapestry Floral," a magnificent 1,000-piece puzzle that pays homage to the Juliette Hogan Collection of 2021. This puzzle showcases the resplendent Tapestry Floral print, a cherished gem from Collection 2021.FOUR. The enchanting image within this puzzle was skillfully captured by the talented Luke Foley-Martin and brilliantly brought to life through a collaborative effort, featuring graphic elements contributed by New Zealand artist Nadia Flowers. Nadia is renowned for her captivating mixed-media illustrations.

Key Puzzle Details:

  • 1,000 pieces make up this captivating puzzle.
  • Puzzle pieces are thoughtfully housed in a fabric bag nestled within the box.
  • Our puzzle components and packaging are conscientiously crafted from a combination of recycled materials and sustainably grown timber.
  • We utilize soy-based ink for all printing processes.


1000 piece puzzle

Puzzle pieces come in a fabric bag inside the box

The cardboard for the puzzles and boxes are a mixture of recycled and sustainably grown timber.

All inks used are soy based ink.


Upon completion, the Tapestry Floral puzzle measures an impressive 68cm x 48cm, and the box itself boasts dimensions of 26.5cm x 21.5cm x 5.5cm


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