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Nott Twin Pack White Pillowcases

Nott Twin Pack White Pillowcases

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Certified by The Vegan Society.

Our pillowslips are made from TENCEL™ LUXE, and is a biodegradable, cruelty free botanic material that uses an environmentally friendly closed loop system that recycles process water and more than 99% of the solvent to transform renewable, biodegradable wood-based cellulose into a refined, smooth, and silky filament.

Two x pillowslips will be delivered to you in one of our luxe NÓTT gift boxes.


Standard size (50 x 75cm) fits most standard pillows


Gentle and soft on skin and hair

Reduces frizz and prevents hair breakage

Naturally hypoallergenic



Invisible zip


Our story starts in the summer of 2012 when Rebecca returned to New Zealand and started work at a local real estate agency where she and Mel quickly became friends and within a couple of years had become business partners successfully marketing and selling homes in New Plymouth.
Quickly Rebecca and Mel realised that they had a common interest in beautifully designed, innovative products that don’t harm the environment. This common interest led them to embark on a mission rooted in the belief that everyone deserves access to eco-friendly, ethically manufactured products that possess the allure and luxurious qualities akin to silk, while also providing health and beauty benefits.
Previously, Rebecca and Mel had enjoyed using silk products, but upon realising the detrimental impact on silk worms necessary for their production, they realized it clashed with their fundamental values. This realisation spurred them to recognize the demand for silk-like alternatives that were cruelty-free. From here, NÓTT was conceived.


Standard size (50 x 75cm) fits most standard pillows


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